Don’t Want a Bad Rommance

Optional musical accompaniment Since last I wrote about Andromeda I have played through one more planet. Made some allies and began trying to figure out who my male Ryder will romance. The romantic relationship is an important part of the background of a bioware game. When done well they add read depth to the background […]

Vast and Sundry

So in case you are not aware a new method of media has developed over the last two years or so. That is the live-streamed role playing game. Penny Arcade has Acquisitions Inc., Hyper Rabbit Rpg has Pencils and Parsecs, and Geek and Sundry features, perhaps the most successful, Critical Role. I do not particularly […]


Well this blog was created several years ago under the auspices of developing an academic web presence. It was then promptly abandoned, because who has time for a web presence while in grad school? Anyway still in grad school and re-branding the blog as a broader concept. Mostly as part of a project to help […]


Well I was sick last week.  I wasn’t down long but it was enough to put me back a little bit.  I have no little gems of military history right now.  Just trying to keep up.  I will keep an eye out for things worth post no promises however.  Thanks for stopping by.

The Longbow

Well the Longbow is the most iconic weapon of the Medieval Period.  It is also the center of a great debate, admittedly friendly, between two of best Medieval Military Historians in the United States.  Cliford J. Rogers at West Point take a very Orthodox position defending the longbow as the decisive weapon in the Hundred Years War.  […]