Vikings! No not the football team.

  As a professional historian I have met lots of people at conferences and such. So, I want to make people aware of a friend’s project. To some extent, a conversation I have had with him is behind me doing this blog. He launched the successful site and now runs the Medieval Warfare Magazine. His […]

Going Crazy

No I am not going crazy in the mental sense, just having my understanding of something changed.  I was wondering through the library as graduate students are want to do.  I discovered a new section that had all the military history stuff.  I began pulling books down off the shelf looking for stuff on fifteenth […]

Presence and Practice

   I pity you for stumbling onto this first blog post, I pity you if keep coming to this blog honestly.  Here is the first post not written by a computer, welcome.     For those who are curious this blog has no mission statement regarding its content.  It exists at this time for two reasons […]