Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday, May 6th, is going to be Free Comic Book Day! The list of free titles can be found here. Most comics shops will be participating.  Star Comics in Lubbock will be participating along with several libraries. Maybe your local comic book shop will be as well?

Looking the comic books which will be available  may be some worth getting a look at.


The first title I am interested in is “Mirror Broken,” a prequel to a mini-series set in the mirror universe of Star Trek featuring the crew of the Enterprise D, a vein of material which has not been tapped in the TV shows or movies, maybe the books have. I am intrigued with the idea of evil Picard though because of all the captains, he seems the most genuinely good.  I can’t wait to see how he uses archaeology for evil.


Catalyst looks to be the start of new super hero universe by an indie company. Many of the smaller presses have been trying to build large shared universes in hopes of cashing in on the Marvel movie boom. This comic has several people involved who recently worked for the big companies suggesting to me this may be them striking out on their own now. Artists going out on their own is always worth looking into.


The last title I will probably look to pick up is the Miraculous offering. This is French series featuring a boy and girl in Paris who are super heroes. If I pick this up, it will be for my kids. My children discovered the animated movies and TV show on Netflix a while back. If I have to watch something my kids want on Netflix, this is near the top of my list. It isn’t all bad.

There are two broad offerings on Free Comic Book Day: anthologies, which many companies do, will get together a collection of some of their characters as a way to introduce their whole line at once. Others like Marvel will launch a new series or a major crossover event.  This year Marvel, will launch their new Secret Empire crossover. Maybe it is your jam, maybe not. DC has me more interested though by offering the start of a new Wonder Woman series.

While all the free stuff is nice, take some time while you are out and support your local comic shops. Oftentimes, they will end up doing sales on Free Comic Book Day anyway. These small businesses are an important cornerstone of the geek community in every town. Supporting them helps support the broader culture where ever you happen to be. At the very least, they will be hopping places this Saturday.

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