Vikings! No not the football team.


As a professional historian I have met lots of people at conferences and such. So, I want to make people aware of a friend’s project. To some extent, a conversation I have had with him is behind me doing this blog. He launched the successful site and now runs the Medieval Warfare Magazine. His latest project is a podcast series related to medieval warfare. Above is the second and latest podcast in his series. It is about the Vikings!

Now this is primarily a geek blog. So, why am I putting this here? Well first, the genre of fantasy has always been closely inspired by various historical settings, even back to the beginning. It is quite difficult to imagine the existence of Lord of the Rings without the medieval poem Beowulf. Two, if you are looking for inspiration for stories and games you could do a lot worse than looking at historical events for ideas. As the famous George R.R. Martin has said, “it is all grist for the mill.” Lastly, and most important: Vikings!

So give this a listen. Follow the series. Go check out his website. See what you might come up with for your own activities.


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