Don’t Want a Bad Rommance

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Since last I wrote about Andromeda I have played through one more planet. Made some allies and began trying to figure out who my male Ryder will romance. The romantic relationship is an important part of the background of a bioware game. When done well they add read depth to the background of the game. After finishing up on Eos I had the three female love interests signed up on my crew. So I sat down to figure out who would receive my e-ffections.

Image result for peebee andromeda

Vetra Nyx is the Turian member of the trio. She also is quite a good logistics officer, making deals left and right to make sure I never run out of supplies. While incredibly useful she is also a Turian. Turians have metal plates on their skin which helps to protect them from solar radiation on their homeworld. Cuddling with a metal plated smuggler doesn’t appeal though. So I marked Vetra off the list.

Next is Cora Harper. She was one of the first people I met in the game. She traveled with the Humans, having been recruited by my character’s father. She is a powerful Biotic (psychic) and spent time training with the Asari commandos. She is a blonde human and isn’t unpleasant on the eye. Much of the promotional material drove home her romance-ability.  The one thing making me reluctant to commit is her interactions with Alec Ryder, my character’s somewhat distant father. She and he were clearly close. Cora clearly thought of Alec as a mentor, perhaps even thought of herself as his eventual replacement. Alec’s untimely death placed my character into his role. So, there already some tension there. That is without the slightly odd way she looks up to my character’s father. It doesn’t feel quite right.

Lastly, is Pelessaria “PeeBee” B’Sayle, an Asari scholar. She has spent most of her time after arriving in the new galaxy studying the Remnant, ancient technologies scattered around the sector. The moment of meeting ended with her tackling my character out of the way of some enemy and come up straddling him. She is clearly a flirty character. She does seem the most fun of all three. But she is an Asari. An all female alien species which has the ability to breed with any alien race. The Asari are justly criticized as space vixens by some fans. In the first Mass Effect I romanced Liara T’Soni, but I thought she was written with some real depth beyond sexy space alien. It is to early to say yet if Peebee will  be the same.

So, I have narrowed it down to Cora and Peebee. I am playing a wait and see approach. Seeing if Peebee shows some hidden depth, or if the awkwardness with Cora lessens with time.


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