Well this blog was created several years ago under the auspices of developing an academic web presence. It was then promptly abandoned, because who has time for a web presence while in grad school? Anyway still in grad school and re-branding the blog as a broader concept. Mostly as part of a project to help develop work life balance. Instead of being an academic web presence let’s try and more complete experience. I will try and add more of my interests in what might broadly be defined as fandom, or geek culture. While also still making nods to my academic profession. Since, I last wrote here the media scenery has change what feels like a fair bit with the introduction of Twitch and now my preferred service Project Alpha. Fandoms have many outlets online for viewing self made content, and most of it seems to be located in large Metro areas away from the center of the country. I remain in the center of the country and at least feel the need to add my voice  to that community while also, perhaps, restarting that web presence. We will see how it goes. I expect it to be dead in a week. See you in six more years.


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