Going Crazy

No I am not going crazy in the mental sense, just having my understanding of something changed.  I was wondering through the library as graduate students are want to do.  I discovered a new section that had all the military history stuff.  I began pulling books down off the shelf looking for stuff on fifteenth century artillery.  I was hoping to find something vaguely useful for my thesis and perhaps later for a dissertation.

Boy was I right.  I pulled down a book and was just doing a quick peruse when I saw a detailed picture of a cannon.  The part of the book I was 15th century so I thought, ‘oh cool.’  I am examine this picture and I notice, it is breech-loading.  The had a complicated system where you could essentially remove the end of the gun and load it the put it back and fire.  It involved a wooden carriage and blocks for securing the ‘breech’ but it was a breech-loading cannon in the 1470’s.

Hence the crazy.  True it would have some problems, maintaining thrust being one of them.  I have to wonder how well did it actually work in comparison to its contemporaries.


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